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Alaska General Seafoods is now accepting applications for the 2017 salmon season; please apply by clicking on the Employment Application link. The interviewing and hiring process will begin in March.

If interested, please come see us at one of these Career Fairs!

1/25 Utah State University-Summer Job Fair
1/31 University of Utah-Student Employment Fair
2/8 University of Idaho-Spring Career Fair
2/13 Texas A&M University-AGLS Career Fair and Athletics Career Fair
2/16 University of Nebraska-Spring Career Fair
2/21 University of Wyoming-BIG Job Fair
2/22 Boise State University-Spring Career Fair
2/28 North Dakota State University-Part time and Summer Job Fair
3/8 New Mexico State University-Employment Extravaganza
3/15 Fresno State University-Career and Internship Fair
4/26 Oregon State University-Spring Career Convention



Updated January 13, 2016

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